You may use any monitor to obtain your tracing to send to CardioVigil.

One option is the AliveCor© ECG Monitor that is FDA approved.


Obtain your device from:

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Get to know your AliveCor© Mobile ECG device



AliveCor Monitor Small

  • Two electrodes are located at each end. Either one can be held in right or left hand.

  • Note the electrode on the “AliveCor” text side and the electrode on the logo side.



AliveCor Monitor Back Small



  • Uses a readily available CR 2016 coin cell battery (included).



Stable position

  • Place phone and monitor on a flat stable surface such as a desk or table.

  • The “AliveCor” text side electrode should point toward phone microphone.

  • Place fingers on the metal electrodes. Keep hands relaxed and steady.

  • Software will take a 30 second recording.

  • Go to our software guide to send us your tracing for analysis.

hands on electrodes small



Other options:


HeartCheck™ PEN
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MD100 Handheld ECG Monitor



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